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Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Favorites

Oh, the joys of being a GIRL! Make-up, and Fashion, and Jewelry! OH, MY! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite girly products and finds with you. Some I have had and used for many years and others are new to my collection.

.................Beauty Products

I just started using Garnier BB cream 2 weeks ago, and so far I am loving it! It is a light (barely there) foundation that helps even out your skin tone and give you that beautiful summer +*+glow+*+

We all have those mornings when we look in the mirror and say (scream), "Agggghhhhh it looks like I have not slept in weeks!!!" Well, this beauty product is a miracle worker. You apply it below your eyes and or under your brow bone to help awaken and brighten your eyes. Voila,! Scary, tired, zombie face is gone :) 

Hands down the BEST chapstick EVER! EOS chapstick smells yummy, moisturizes, and comes packaged in a cute little round container. 

My hairdresser would kill me if she knew that I blow dry my hair almost everyday. My hair has a tendency to get frizzy and crazy and the idea of not blowdrying is really not even an option for me. So, I am always looking for hair products that will help protect my hair from heat damage.

 I was so excited when I found Garnier's Moroccan Oil Treatment. All you do is put a small amount of the product in your hair before you blow-dry and it not only helps protect from the heat, but it also nourishes and produces shiny and healthy hair. This product is definitely a keeper!

Seche Vite is a fast drying top coat that gives extra shine and protection for your nails. Most nail salons use it, so it is an easy way to "DIY" but look like you got a professional mani or pedi. 



I feel like every girl is looking for the perfect tee. Well, I have found an inexpensive tee at Target that is both comfy, flattering, and comes in an array of fun and bright colors. I love the pocket and the v-neck and most of all it is COM-FOR-TA-BLE!!!

About a month ago I was shopping at Nordstrom and the sales girl was trying to convince me to buy a pair of white jeans. I politely said,  "No thanks, not for me." I assumed that white jeans would be unflattering and I was just not up for trying on jeans that would accentuate areas that I did not want accentuated (if you know what I mean). However, this cute sales girl was a "little" pushy and before I knew it I was trying them on in the dressing room. And of course, I ended up buying them! They fit perfect and to my surprise they were flattering.  You know you love an article of clothing when you wear them once, twice, or maybe even 3 times a week :)


During Spring Break this year my mom and I went on a much needed Palm Desert getaway. We are both teachers and well, lets just say teachers need breaks every once awhile and a little pampering, too! 

On our way to Palm Desert we stopped at the Cabazon Outlets (who doesn't love a good deal). I was beyond thrilled to find that there was a Tory Burch outlet store!!! So, I made sure to drag take my mom on over for just a little look. The Tory Burch "Ali" sandal ended up catching both our eyes and my super generous mom decided that we both needed new sandals to help kick off our Spring Break getaway. They have been my favorite "go to" sandals for this summer. 


These Tiffany sterling silver bead earrings are so classic and easily wearable. Whenever I am wearing silver, these shiny studs are always my first pick.

I love oversized watches. I wore this watch to work and I had a co-worker ask me if I was wearing my husbands watch! Ha Ha. Regardless, I really like it and usually pair it with a few bangles or fun bracelets!

If you havany beauty, fashion, and jewelry 

favorites please share!

1 comment:

  1. I totally love the BB cream! My skin is really blah, so I still need foundation but the cream is a great base and really evens everything out without breaking ME out. :D


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