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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pray for Daisy


For the past three years I have been following the story of Daisy Love Merrick. She is a 6 year old California girl through and through. With blond wavy hair, freckles on her nose, unique fashion sense, and a beautiful smile. However, what makes Daisy different from other young girls her age is that she is battling cancer.  For over three years, Daisy's family has gone through the ups and downs as they struggle to fight an illness that could take their precious baby girl. Their love for Jesus is so strong and the amount of love, prayer, and support from their family and friends is helping them get through this beyond difficult time.

Please read the excerpt from her blog and watch the video below to learn more about Daisy's story.

"On April 11, 2012, Daisy's third recurring Wilms tumor was removed from her abdomen. The tumor was only the size of a golf ball, but the operation required that her spleen be removed as well. She survived the surgery and now faces more chemotherapy, more difficult procedures, and more excruciating treatments.

Daisy and her family are trusting Jesus. But they are also in a battle for Daisy's life. The next steps include chemotherapy and a possible stem cell transplant. Her parents are pursuing both traditional and progressive cancer treatments in America and Israel. The estimated cost not covered by insurance will total close to half a million dollars.

Would you join us in praying that Jesus, the only Healer, would again heal her body? And, in Daisy's words, pray for her as she "kicks cancer into the trash can." Prayer updates will be posted often here at PrayForDaisy.com."

{ Via Daisy's Blog}

Daisy's 7 Month Journey
{during her 1st bout with Cancer}
 from Reality on Vimeo.


Please pray for Daisy and the Merrick family!

For more info on how you can help please visit Daisy's Blog.


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