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Monday, July 9, 2012

Are You Tough Enough?

To answer my question, "Are you tough enough?" I would have to reply with a definite, "No, I am not tough enough." However, on Saturday morning my husband proved that YES, he was and is tough enough to sucessfully complete the Tough Mudder 2012 in Big Bear, CA!

Never heard of the Tough Mudder?

Check out the video below to get just a taste
of this extreme challenge!

As you can see this is a CRAZY mud run with military obstacles that are meant only for the absolute toughest men and women. I am amazed at the amount of people who go out for this challenge! Lets just make it clear, I am definitely not one of those people and I am totally ok with that! :)

Below are some pictures of my husban
Tough Mudder Champion !

On your mark, get set, go!

Workin' it

No joke, those yellow strings are electrical shockers...yikes!

An adult slip n' slide. Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Climbing and crawling


I am so proud of you!



  1. That is amazing...congrats to your hubby! I know some that have done Tough Mudder and I know it's super hard!!



    1. Thanks! He is definitely sore and a little bit beat up... but he survived ;)


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