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Monday, July 30, 2012

California LOVE...


Over the weekend Steve and I had a "date day" and the only criteria for this day was that it had to include good food and relaxation! We tried to come up with more than one suggestion as to where to go, but neither one of us wanted to make a decision (have you had those days before?). In the end we decided on a place that we tend to always go to simply because we love it! For us that place is Seal Beach!

Beautiful Seal Beach

Real men wear PINK!
Hubby being a good sport carrying Jordy in her PINK bag :)

It is definitely a "His" and "Her" kind of place for us, primarily because he has his favorite food spot and I have mine!  We both claim our food spot is the best (of course), so if you are ever in Seal Beach you'll have to check them both out and let me know what you think (remember girls always stick together!) ;)

"His" Food Spot
A Slice of New York Pizza
142 Main St.
Seal Beach, CA

Jordy excited to be out of her PINK bag.
It cracks me up at how photogenic she is! :)

"Her" Food Spot
El Burrito Jr. #2
909 Ocean Ave
Seal Beach, CA
(located directly across from the beach and pier!)

Surfer's Special is the ONLY way to go!
2 bean and cheese burritos, chips, salsa, and a root beer
(I NEVER order bean and cheese burritos, except when I come here!)

Both of our food spots are in walking distance from each other. So, once we have gotten our food we head over to a grassy area across the street from El Burrito Jr. and eat our "good food" and then "relax" in the sun! Criteria for the day accomplished, Yea!!!

Jordy striking a pose yet again!

The HAPPY, RELAXED, and WELL FED couple!

Here's to a New Week!

Friday, July 27, 2012

How Can You Not Love Reese's Candy?

No, I am not talking about the chocolate and peanut butter cup candy (though scrumptious and delicious!). I am referring to the talented and adorable Reese Witherspoon's country home in Ojai, California. I was so excited to see that Elle Decor has featured Reese's home in their September issue. I  already love Reese's movies and fashion style and now I can add her taste in home design, too!  

Check out Reese's home!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Enjoying Life One Bite at a Time!

Blog in the


I am so excited to introduce you to my good friend Tiffany from One Bite of Anything. Tiffany and I have been friends since our college days and I can say that not only is she the GREATEST friend, but she is also a very TALENTED cook and baker! During college my friends and I always enjoyed all of Tiff's delicacies and looked forward to eating whatever she prepared, and still do! 

APU Graduation 2004

Girl's Getaway! - Summer 2012

. . . . . 

Currently, I have been eying Tiffany's newest recipe, Greek Style Bruschetta Dip, YUM! This dip is a fresh and healthy appetizer made with tomatoes, green onions, feta cheese, olive oil, and a special "Greek" seasoning. 

My parents recently got back from a trip to Greece (yes, super jealous!), and I thought this dip would be fun to serve at our next family gathering. I figure if I can't go to Greece then this recipe must surely be the next best thing!

Love how my mom is color coordinated with Greece!

. . . . . 

So if you are looking for SWEET, SPICY, SAVORY, and most importantly SATISFYING food make sure to visit Tiffany at One Bite of Anything!

Tiffany with her beautiful family getting ready to cook!

. . . . .


Wednesday is here and Friday is not that far away!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yummy Goodness!

Ok, are you ready to taste HEAVEN!?! 

Do you LOVE...???

Well, then you better get a pen and a piece of paper to write this recipe down!

What you will need:

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough 
(I used the pre-made toll house cookie dough)

2. A package of Oreos

3. A box of brownie mix
 (my favorite is Ghirardelli with the chocolate chips!)

. . . . .

First - Spray a 9x13 baking pan with Pam

Second - Spread a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough

Third - Lay down a layer of Oreos

Fourth - Pour brownie batter over the Oreos

Fifth - Follow the baking directions on the back of the brownie box for oven temp and baking time

Sixth - Indulge in YUMMY GOODNESS!!!

Recipe Featured at Cindy's Recipe and Writings

Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Underway!

Bedroom Lamp Makeover

Yep, I am starting a project today! Over the weekend I made a stop at Man's Land  Hope Depot to pickup my supplies. When Steve and I first moved into our apt we purchased a set of inexpensive lamps at Target (I had no idea how expensive lamps could be!) and I have now decided they need a "new look." I am planning to spray paint (primer, coat, and gloss) the base of the lamps white and then makeover the lampshades somehow (still coming up with ideas!). 





Wish me luck!

. . . .

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Hope you are having a GREAT Monday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh So Pretty!

How can a girl not LOVE Anthropolgie? Yes, their clothes have an outrageous price tag, but just walking into an Anthropologie store makes me smile! 

Why do I smile?

Well, there's the...

1. Eye catching and beautiful decor throughout the store
2. Lit candles that smell divine
3. Beautiful and trendy clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, ect...
4. Do-dads for the home
5. Kitchen decor and items
6. Plates, cups, and bowls
7. And the list could continue...

Normally, I am not a fan of window shopping, but at Anthropologie I make the exception!

. . . . 

Here are a few items that have caught my eye.


Mint Viscid Watch

Interlocking Trio Vase

Lacework Coasters

Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase

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Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

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