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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Startin' Summer Off Right!

>>>>>>>>>>> Summer is here! <<<<<<<<<<<

 Every summer I have a long list of "to do's"(projects, goals, ect...) and it always seems that I NEVER accomplish all that I had hoped. So, this summer I decided that I need to create a weekly Summer Schedule to help me be more productive this summer. 

I decided to use one of my favorite items in my kitchen, my chalkboard.  About three years ago I was on the hunt for a chalkboard and I was over the moon when I found this one at Home Goods (a favorite store of mine!).

Cute chalkboard + Colorful chalk = My Summer Schedule!

 My first thought was that it looks like the dinner specials board at  Coco's...oh well :)  I love that it is colorful and it will definitely not be hard to miss each time I walk into the kitchen. Hopefully it will help me keep up with all my "to do's" this summer!

I also had to take a picture of one of my absolute favorite flowers, PEONIES! I look forward to buying them every June at Trader Joes. There is nothing better than having a vase full of flowers in your house to help start off your summer!

>>>I hope you find ways to start your summer off right, too!<<<


  1. love the chalkboard! Home Goods is one of the best stores ever!

    And where did you get that cute bowl with the H on it?? I want!!

  2. Oh, I love this. Wishing I had done more of a schedule. Realizing I need to do a house chore schedule for myself. Thanks for linking up!


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