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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anniversary Getaway ~ Day 1 ~

Yesterday we got back from our wedding anniversary weekend and it was nothing short of perfect! 
The morning started off with Steve (Mr. Sneaky) surprising me with my dad's jeep (the car we used for our exit on our wedding night) to drive to our anniversary destination.

Mr. Sneaky and the jeep all packed up and ready to go for our weekend getaway!

The happily "married" couple one year ago!

Then it was off to the Langham Huntington Hotel where we had stayed the first night of our honeymoon. I love this hotel! It is an old building that dates back to 1906 and for a short time used to be owned by Henry E. Huntington. The building itself is gorgeous both inside and out and the architecture is similar to many old buildings that can be found throughout Pasadena.  

 Once we got  there we enjoyed a DELICIOUS brunch and then we sprinted walked leisurely on over to the pool for some good ole' relaxation time!


A little R&R :)

Then, it was off to a delicious steak dinner (yes, I am a huge meat eater!), and though we enjoy a good glass of wine from time to time I had to chuckle when we ordered our drinks. A Root Beer for Steve and a Shirley Temple for me, some people just never grow up :)

Before we headed back to our hotel Steve drove to our wedding reception site so we could 
go back and reminisce. It was fun to walk around and share our favorite memories from both our wedding day and 1st year of marriage.

Pasadena City Hall
(reception site)

And that completes ~ Day 1 ~! I had hoped to share the whole weekend in one post, but as most of you know I love details and have a very hard time leaving anything out :) So, tomorrow I will share
~ Day 2 ~ of our anniversary weekend!

         …… Hope you find many reasons to enjoy today! …


  1. Peter's nick name with our friends is Sneaky! Must run in the family :)

  2. You have such a romantic husband!!

    1. Yay! You figured out how to make a comment :) Yes, I am very lucky girl to have such an amazing husband! xoxo


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