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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Letting God Lead

A few weeks ago Steve and I went to hear my brother preach at Grove Community Church in Riverside. He is the high school pastor who on occasion also preaches for the entire congregation (big church, as I still like to call it!). Both him and his wife Natalie do an awesome job ministering to the high schoolers and the congregation at the Grove.

Daniel and Natalie
{such a cute couple}

I always look forward to hearing my brother preach because

 1). I am his proud sister and #1 fan :) 

2). He is gifted in speaking God's Word

3). His contagious laugh always has the ability to make me smile and laugh. Yes, even as he preaches!

<<<<<<<<<< Brother n' Sister Photos >>>>>>>>>>

All dressed up years ago! Hehehe :)

All dressed up on my wedding day!

<<<<<<<<<< A Good Reminder >>>>>>>>>>

After hearing his sermon about David and King Saul I was reminded about the importance of TRUSTING God to LEAD your life (especially during the hard times) and how vital it is as Christians to always 
FEAR the Lord. 

There is so much truth in this verse:

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"
~ Proverbs 9:10

I encourage you to take 30 minutes out of your day and watch his sermon. I think it is a good reminder that we all need to hear. I promise you will also get to hear his contagious laugh and I guarantee it will make you smile and laugh too! :)

06.17.12 from The Grove on Vimeo.

I love to hear from you!
 So please feel free to leave a comment on how this sermon spoke to you.

<<<<<<<<< Friday is almost HERE! Woo Hoo! >>>>>>>>>


  1. Hey second cousin, love what you said about your bro! That's how I feel about mine (Paul Chandler)! There's something special about a brother!!! Yours is super special too -- and what a gift he has.

  2. Definitely agree! Nothing beats having a brother! I am beyond blessed because I have not just one, but two super special brothers! I hope you and your family are enjoying Summer :)


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